If you are submitting a complaint that might be escalated to legal action, we suggest that you first provide written notice to the appropriate United Airlines contacts, giving the airline a reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation. If you don’t obtain a satisfactory response, you might find the information on how to bring a small claims action against United Airlines and the following list of registered agents for United to be useful.

If your complaint is of a general nature, the form below offers you the possibility of forwarding your complaint directly to United’s "Customer Care" department. Our statistics indicate that United Airlines answers approximately half of the complaints it receives, almost always by way of a form letter reply. Unfortunately, only approximately one in five (20%) complaints receive a response that the passenger considers satisfactory. Letters to United CEO Jeff Smisek Oscar Munoz are re-routed directly to Customer Care, so don’t bother.

If you are seeking compensation from United, first, make sure you are aware of your legal rights. Be forewarned that the airline’s agents will do everything they can to give you the run-around and deny your claim. And finally, if you think United Airlines takes complaints seriously, think again.

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Some basic information about your legal rights

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Be specific about what you want the airline to do. If you demand financial compensation, state the amount. Passengers who simply ask for “adequate compensation” may find the airline’s idea of “adequate” quite different from their own. United is quick to issue form letter apologies, and discounts toward future travel, hoping that you will fly with them again despite how you were mistreated; however, getting them to pay what you are owed may be a tough battle, which is why you should be prepared to escalate to a small claims action.

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